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Manufacturing Process

Process of Mfg.: As per Indian Railways & IS Specification.

Plant & Machinery

Cont. Type Shot Pining Machine

Load Testing Machine – 40Tons

MPT for Bar Testing Machine

Walking Beam Furnace & Coiling Machine

End Grinding Machines

Hardness Testing Machines

Laboratory :

A full fledged chemical laboratory equipped suitably to conduct analysis of all types of carbon & alloy steels required as per WD-01-HLS-1994 is available.

Bright/ Groud Bar Division :

  1. Bar Straightening Machines – 2 Nos.
  2. Bar Straightening Machines – 2 Nos.
  3. Centerless Grinding Machines – 2 Nos.
  4. Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Machine By wet method in accordance with IS:3703

Coiling Division :

  1. End Tapering Machine
  2. Automatic High Speed Coiling & Pitching Machine
  3. Walking Beam Furnace
  4. Conveyor's System Quenching Tank
  5. Convective Heating Type Tempering Furnace
  6. Continuous Type Shot Peening Machine
  7. End Grinding Machines – 2 Nos.
  8. Magnetic Particle Testing Machine with adjustable current
  9. Scragging Machines – 2 Nos.
  10. Load Deflection Testing Machine -40 Ton Capacity
  11. Fatigue Testing Machine